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Madison County Courthouse

Madison County Missouri Courthouse at Fredericktown, MO

Madison County Courthouse is a historic courthouse located in Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri. It was designed by architect Theodore Link and built in 1900 by Louis Miller. It is a two-story, rectangular, eclectic Late Victorian style brick and granite building with an attic and full basement. It measures approximately 66 feet by 76 feet and has a hipped roof. It features a square, five-story tower with a steep pyramidal roof and finial.

The Stores and Shops of Madison County


A collection of stories and images documenting the history of storefront businesses in Madison County. 

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The Mines of Madison County


Mining was a key aspect in the founding of the communities of Madison County...

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

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Stories and images documenting transportation in Madison County.


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Exploring the history of education in Madison County

Geology and Nature


Exploring the geological and natural terrain of Madison County

Culture and Entertainment

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From old theaters to music to the three ring circus, exploring the culture and entertainment history of Madison County


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Farming in Madison County...


Fredericktown Milling Co.jpg

Industry in Madison County

2019-2020 Arcadia Valley R-II School District Art Show


Student work from 2019-2020 Arcadia Valley R-II art class with instructor, Rebecca Turner